Episode 13: Hidden Collections

“World’s largest indoor carousel,” at the House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin.
Photo by Rob Pongsajapan.
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This month we talk about collections that exist in Wisconsin that are not easily found, inside and outside of libraries. Some collections live in libraries and are professionally organized and curated, but still manage to be hard to find. Others force us to be in the right place at the right time in order to experience them out in the world.

Shauna and Steev discuss how collections can be found everywhere, but what objects should we keep, and what should remain fleeting? Steev visits a kiosk in downtown Madison, WI, and Shauna talks with Tegan Swanson, a former housemate from Nottingham Cooperative, about a collection called Blank White Cards.

Steev also makes Shauna share bits of an oral history she made during Christmas by collecting voices of her family, which turned into a present she made for her grandparents this year. #hiddencollections

Example of a Blank White Card in Nottingham Cooperative, in Madison, WI.
Another Blank White Card from Nottingham Cooperative in Madison, WI.