Episode 11: Poet’s work

poetry wall

advised me:
Learn a trade

I learned
to sit at desk
and condense

No layoff
from this
–Lorine Niedecker

What is a poet’s work and what role do libraries play in it? This month we talk about poets we love. Amy Ludtzke, Assistant Director of the Dwight Foster Library in Fort Atkinson, introduces us to Lorine Niedecker, a modernist poet who lived on Blackhawk Island. We gain a healthy respect for the office of Poet Laureate of Wisconsin and talk to current Poet Laureate Karla Huston.

Poems featured in this episode
“Left Wrist” – Karla Huston
“Scheherazade” – Richard Siken
“Field Bling” – Ada Limon
“Feast Day” – Rita Mae Reese
“Foreclosure” – Lorine Niedecker

Songs used in this episode
“Fractals (Truth 2)” – Jessica Moss
“Objects” – Big Thief
“Stay Down” – boygenius
“This Remedy” – Larry and his Flask

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