Episode 1: Hello, we work in a library


We asked to take over the library’s 30-minute “news” radio show. They said, “Great, how about next week?” So we went into the studio live and recorded this, ON AIR, interviewing each other and talking about our hopes and dreams for the show. We knew we didn’t want it to be a new show or upcoming programs show, but we didn’t know exactly what form the show would take.

A few highlights:

The theme song is the intro part to a song by Fox Valley band Redshift Headlights. The song is called “Under this Carpeting” and it’s amazing. Vibraphone is played by head Headlight Stephen McCabe, PhD creative-writing lecturer at UW Oshkosh.

Co-host Steev baker used to be the director of the Kewaskum Public Library.

Co-host Shauna Koszegi’s uncle is Head of Reference Services at Sandusky Public Library in Ohio.

The show is recorded and edited every month at the Sun Prairie Media Center. The staff there is really super helpful and gracious with our constant questions and we very much appreciate them sharing their knowledge with us!